"I eat Monday's for breakfast."

HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE! It's been a minute since I've written on here. All good reasons though, I've been staying busy with music, writing, making connections, friendships and growing in all areas of LIFE! I couldn't be happier. :)

If you haven't noticed from my Instagram posts, I am a big fan of entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. I knew of him over the years but really started paying attention to his philosophy and posts right before I moved to Nashville. He's my spirit animal. He's real. He's optimistic. He's motivating, and there's no bullshit with him. That's MY GUY! Why aren't there more of him? If you haven't heard of him, go do yourself a favor and look him up right here:  https://www.instagram.com/garyvee

 The title of this blog says it all (and he says it a lot). He's all about positive vibes, putting in the work, and for god's sake STOP COMPLAINING. I think we are all guilty of it, but its good to have that reminder every now and then and he continues to promote what I've been trying to preach.


The last month was particularly rough for me with two deaths, trying to find a house, plan a house concert tour AND rehearse for it amongst other life events happening. This meme perfectly depicts how I felt:

LOL! I love memes so much.

ANYWAY- no complaints over here, I've stayed busy and have been juggling all the things I WANT to be juggling. This is exactly what I asked for and the hustle is real. 

But the hustle feels so good. 

It's kind of addicting and exhilarating...

Especially when you see the results. That's the most satisfying part! Good things are happening ya'll. Stay tuned. Next up: House concert in Georgia this Friday! STOKED! Talk to you soon,

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