Worth the wait.

Hey everyone! What a crazy past two months... let's catch up.

TOUR: That was amazing. Sheridan and I travelled to New Jersey, Vermont, Boston, Hampton Beach and North Carolina for a house concert tour, a total of 8 shows. It was one of the most confirming, revitalizing experiences for me. As a singer/songwriter in Nashville, its very easy to forget how unique a writers round is. We are surrounded by them, play them, watch them, BREATHE them. But once, you take yourself out of that saturated environment and share that experience with people who have never seen one, its the coolest thing to witness. Their reactions, feedback, emotions felt and most of all their connection to our songs were evident. That is the most satisfying feeling for me as a songwriter when someone can relate and connect with the words of the song.

One of the guests came up to me with tears in her eyes and said, "Every lyric you sang was the next thing I wanted to say!"

Needless to say, my heart is full and we are excited to do this again on the WEST coast in California this fall. 

Recently, I had my FIRST full band show in St. Louis (my hometown) at Old Rock House opening for good friends Al Holliday and the Eastside Rhythm Band! What a treat that was... we had a blast on that stage and the crowd was AWESOME. To hear my songs come to life with a full band for the first time at rehearsal gave me goosebumps. Since I've been in Nashville, I've mainly just been playing these acoustically. I'm so excited to get into the studio soon to put some tracks out and do the damn thing! Patience, patience, patience. Like I always say, timing is everything.

Within the last year, I've noticed that certain things ARE worth the wait. I get high off of the hustle, the positive results from that hustle, and overall growth that I've experienced through it. The best part?: This is JUST THE BEGINNING! My beliefs have been in tune with my actions, which in turn has given me the happiness I've been waiting for. I can't wait to see where this journey leads. Stay tuned ya'll. Good things be comin! Keep up to date with my shows and announcements on my socials @jennyteator