Do shit you love.

Happy Monday everyone! 

Boy has it been a crazy month... where do I start? I went to summer NAMM for the first time and it was the most incredible, refreshing experience I've had in a long time. My good friend and guitarist Meg Williams helped me learn the ropes and showed me around the entire weekend. We got to sing and play a few originals and covers on the Cole Clark stage and Re-Axe Booth which was awesome! Those guys were so nice and eager to have us up there. We met a lot of new music professionals, tested products and one of the big highlights- I WON A GUITAR! 

I literally can't make this up y'all.

There was an open mic contest with D' Angelico Guitars that I signed up for. They had a big stage set up outside to perform on using their guitars, so I figured "WHY NOT!?". They mentioned that it might get rained out because it starting to rain so we never checked back in assuming it was cancelled (which it wasn't). The next day at NAMM, we came by the booth to see if they called all the names of people who signed up and I hadn't been called yet. They told me I could perform that day! Excited and nervous I go second on the list, and performed my new song "Daughter of the Devil" and the crowd was AWESOME! Later that day, I came by the booth and the two people who introduced me on stage were staring at me and waved me over smiling asking if I had gotten a text. I looked at my phone and saw a text that said "Jenny Teator?". I literally looked at it, confused, looked back up at them both smiling at me and the first words that came out after I realized was "SHUTUP, not uh?! Did I win it??!" And they said YES!

I walked away from NAMM with a heavy heart, new friends, and the experience I was hoping for PLUS some. I am grateful to the moon and back for the incredible guitar I get to play (it was a Bob Weir Signature Premier guitar pictured below). Time to get to work.


July 12th was my 27th birthday. That is so weird to type out and say! The number makes me feel old, (I know, its silly to think that), but my body tells me otherwise. I am proud to say that right now I am in the best shape I've ever been in! This past year I've really started to enjoy fitness and health and overall just taking care of myself. Self-love is a newfound concept I've grown to embrace and exercise since moving to Nashville. I finally did something for myself and it feels so good! Hot yoga has been a good stress relief for me too. I highly recommend it! :)

A highlight of this month was definitely my show at The Basement in Nashville. I got to play New Faces Night with full band and it was a FANTASTIC show and turnout! My new guitar arrived in the mail the day before and it was perfect timing for the show! You can check my Facebook page for the live video stream of the performance. That was my first full band show in Nashville and it was at one of the famous venues I'd always wanted to play! Definitely not the last time I'll play there. Things are rolling and I finally booked recording dates in August with producer Skylar Wilson and IM SO EXCITED! Stay tuned for my FIRST single ya'll!

As always, keep up to date with my journey through my IG account @jennyteator