“Our wedding venue owner and bartender both said she was the best live performance they’ve ever had! Our guests were floored as well!
— Rachel Briley
“Jenny Teator and the Fevers’ self-titled debut is characterized by its soulful wails, big bedroom eyes, bigger hooks and flexible sonic attack. Delivered by a self-assured siren singer, the nine tracks here toe razor-thin lines between love, lust and hate, considering how emotions do or don’t get tangled up when bodies do.”
— Aarik Danielson, Columbia Tribune
“Jenny Teator is such a treasure! The passion with which she delivers vocals and the message of each song is stunning and authentic! Truly engaging!”
— April Burney
The thing about Jenny Teator is that she goes for it every time. You will believe her when you hear her. She enters into the moment and she will take you and everybody in the room along for the ride.
— Nate White, Palen Music Center